I have a timed exam on 16th May, 2018 for the course

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I have a timed exam on 16th May, 2018 for the course "Numerical Methods for Engineering". The exam covers Ordinary Differential
Equations (ODEs) and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). I have attached all relevant chapters of my ebook which are covered in
this exam therefore you please look at the attached chapters and the exam will be based on these chapters. Make sure that you have
very good understanding and command on the attached chapters.

These chapters are from the book "Numerical Methods for Engineers by Steven C. Chapra and Raymond P. Canale"

As soon as i will get the exam I will send that to you and then you will tell me what all questions you can do 100% correct
thereafter you need to deliver correct detailed solutions of those selected questions with in 1 hour. I will pay $5 per question.


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