gent!!! It needs to be done in 10 hours!

Read Chapter 8 "

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Urgent!!! It needs to be done in 10 hours!

Read Chapter 8 "MENTAL HEALTH AND WELL-BEING" from the Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health report and Chapter 15 from "the
Basics Health". Write an essay and response to the following questions: what are the effects of climate change on mental health
and well-being? What should people do to improve mental health from a climate change perspective? Will extreme heat health
decrease the risks for people who have mental issues? What are other environmental factors could impair your health?

The outcome should be an essay not a list of bullet points. The essay should be written in 12-font, Times New Roman. It should be
at least 4 pages long with at least 3 citations, APA style.

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